Welcome To Direct Essence Boxing International

Direct Essence Boxing International, is a culmination of my 40 years’ experience in practicing and teaching Martial Arts from China and South East Asia. It is a journey started long ago in the darkest regions of Manchester and has continued taking me to many places and also enabled me to train with and learn from some great people.

Let me introduce my self, my name is Bob Melia. I want to offer others the same chances that I have had in being able to learn authentic Martial Arts from someone who has been there and done it.

I am based in the UK though I have lived in Thailand for the past 8 years and have been exposed to my chosen arts, not just those from Thailand but the ones I already had knowledge of and was teaching before I came here. Being located in Thailand has enabled me to build on my skills and experience. I now offer the same chance to others. Let me share with you that which you have been looking for.

What We Stand For

Direct What we teach is practical and useful, the knowledge has been learned as close to the source as possible.

EssenceWe teach what is essential for you to understand and progress, whether you want self defence or health you will find it here.

Boxing Taiji, Xing Yi, Bagua – internal boxing, Chu Gar Kuen – Southern Chinese Boxing, FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) - Pangamut, Muay Boraan - old style Thai boxing. These are all part of the arts we teach and available if you want to learn them.

My wish is to uphold the values and morals that have been passed down and entrusted to me, to share what I know and help others gain what I have from a lifelong practice of these Martial and Health Arts.

I hope you find what you are looking for in the following pages and contact me so that we can continue your journey.


“He who neglects to drink of the spring of experience is likely to die of thirst in the desert of ignorance.” 
― Li Bai