Hermit Yoga (Dat Don Ruesi)

This style of yoga is from the Thai massage system originating in Northern Thailand, taught to me by Ajarn Wallilot of Sanpatong, Chiangmai.

The 15 postures are meant to balance the health and vitality and also provide strength, flexibility and endurance to carry out massage and maintain health.

This Yoga is called Dat Don Ruesi in Thai and is a very old system originating in India and adopted by the Thai people.

This Yoga can be learned individually or as a group and is something that can help with increasing your health and wellbeing. Though the postures are not easy they can be adapted to suit the individual and will help with balance and coordination as well as improving respiration and strength.

An average Thai Massage takes 1 hour but if you include the feet then it can be longer and sometimes a massage lasting 2-3 hrs is not uncommon in Thailand. So the Masseur needs to be flexible and strong with endurance and the Dat Don Ruesi exercises are at the core.