Filipino Martial Arts

I started to learn the FMA under the guidance of Pangalong Guro Krishna Godhania in 1998 and by 2000 I was the North West representative for the warriors system.

Under Krishna I got to train and meet with some fantastic exponents of the FMA.

I refined and developed what I learned and came up with a simple framework to enable empty hand and weapon skills to be learned as an addition to an existing art or as a stand-alone system.

The system is called 5x5 and it is what it says five techniques as a base that can be learned quickly and then developed into whatever the practitioner needs, empty hand or weapons.

The art utilises weapons and empty hands as its core techniques. Using practical drills to enable the practitioner to be able to use what they have learned in real time situations and environments. Everyday object training is also taught as well as the Law in regards to self defence.