Chen Shi Hunyuan Xin Yi Quan

Hunyuan Taiji and Qigong was founded by the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, it was a culmination of his practice from two great masters, Chen Fake and Hu Yaozhen.
GM Feng often said he had walked a crooked path to gain his skills, but by following Hunyuan Taiji you could get a more direct way to health and martial ability.

I have done all my training in this art in Beijing with one of the top three disciples of the Late GM Feng, Master Chen Hui Ying.

I have been taught the Qigong as well as the 24 step Taiji form and the 38 step Pao Chui form, with visualisations and applications of the techniques.

This style of Taiji is rare in Europe, with few genuine teachers of the art available; experience first-hand this unique style.