Sun Style Martial Arts

I first started to learn this unique and rare style in 1998 from Sifu David Martin a disciple of Sun Jian Yun. After being appointed a teacher, I developed this art and travelled to Beijing and France to enhance my skills and knowledge studying with Master Lei Shi Tai and being appointed as European Representative by him. We developed a website and Association and I have taught many people this style in the UK and Europe, most notably.

  • I introduced Sun Style to Barcelona and taught Joan Hernandez Serret and his group in Terrassa in 2007
  • I established three main training groups in the UK, Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool
  • I have produced teachers of the Sun Style Arts
  • I have continued to develop and refine my skills

I Teach Sun Style Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua

This rare art is often taught incorrectly and without the true meanings and intent explained, as well as the applications of these styles.

Simplified Sun Style System

This system involves training in a simplified Taiji form, qigong and sword form. The basics of Xing Yi and Bagua as well as push hands. It can be learned in a short time thus enabling the practitioner to get the benefits of the system quicker. You will also gain an understanding of the more traditional system and decide if they wish to learn the more traditional forms. It is offered as short weekend courses to suit individuals or groups. On completion of this style and testing the practitioner will be authorized to teach it under the guidance of Sifu Bob Melia and Direct Essence Boxing International