Chu Gar Kuen

I began to learn Chu Gar Hung Kuen in 1981 from Master Chu Siu Woon. I practiced very hard and became very good at this Southern Kung Fu style rising to become a senior student of the style, second only to my friend and Kung Fu brother Sifu John Farrell who is Master Chu’s senior student in the school.

In 1991 after proving myself many times, showing my dedication and ability Master Chu started to teach me Chu Gar Kuen. This is a short armed style with only 3 hand forms, two weapon forms and anatomical development including iron shirt, iron palm and internal training.

Though other students have been given access to some of this style I am the only student who has trained in all aspects of the style. Over a seven year period I trained twice a day with Master Chu on a private basis.

I feel this style can be devastating and practical in the modern world as it is purely combat oriented. There are no flowery or extraneous moves, everything is designed to end a fight with the maximum damage in minimum time.

I have never taught this style openly before. I think now it is the right time to share my knowledge and open up this style to the world.

Southern Lion Dance

I am also offering courses and private lessons in all aspects of Lion dance, including learning the traditional instruments and working as a team with the Lion. Lion dancing will also include Green Picking.

I took part in the Chinese New year celebrations in Manchester from 1982 through till 2008 and have been part of thousands of Lion Dances over the years. I was the principal drummer of the Lion Dance team for Master Chu Siu Woon. I am still in demand for workshops and guest drumming.